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bone dry exteriors

Founded in 2005, Bone Dry Exteriors has quickly grown to be one of the largest siding and window companies in the Midwest. Our crews are comprised of experienced professionals with over 75 years combined window and siding experience. Bone Dry Exteriors specializes in siding, windows and doors. We have an extensive knowledge of exterior home renovations and will be able to provide multiple options to for your vision.

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Bone Dry Exteriors strives to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Customer service is our top priority. We not only provide you exterior home renovations; we also form a lasting relationship for maintenance in the future. We are certified installers through top manufacturers and are Vinyl Siding Institute Certified. This insures that every job adheres to manufacturers’ specifications as well as being advanced in application and installation of products.

“Siding on two sides of our house was blown off during a wind storm. Bone Dry came out the next day and gave an estimate for replacing the siding and some roof shingles. All the work was completed within one week. The men who came out and did the estimate and work were very professional, punctual, and friendly. They explained all the work they did. There was no wasted time and they got to work immediately, did the job, cleaned up and moved on. The work is top quality. My husband has been in the insurance claims business for 15 years and was impressed with Bone Dry’s responsiveness and high quality work. He’s seen a lot of shoddy work over the years; Bone Dry’s work was excellent.”
-Mara McCabe

What We Do at Bone Dry Exteriors

1. Exterior Repairs
2. Fiber Cement Siding
3. Vinyl Siding
4. Windows
5. Painting

Today, the homeowner has many options regarding siding for their homes. Bone Dry Exteriors works with industry leaders in both fiber cement and vinyl siding. Fiber cement siding is made from cement and wood pulp and looks like wood siding, but is stronger and more durable. Fiber cement resists impacts from wind damage, insect damage, and rotting caused by moisture. Bone Dry Exteriors also offers vinyl siding which provides a great value because of the durability, a wide range of colors and styles, and low maintenance.

Many existing homes have older wooden or aluminum windows which are inefficient in keeping out the elements year round. By replacing these older windows with low maintenance vinyl replacement windows, homeowners can decrease their utility bills.

Bone Dry Exteriors offers exterior home painting. We pressure wash your home to remove loose or damaged paint to create a smooth surface. Updating the color of your house can dramatically improve and update the look of your home.

As homes age, the extremes of the Midwestern climate can deteriorate and rot wood exterior trim. Rotting wood can be a source of leaks into the home. Common problem areas on many homes are sided chimneys. With a sided chimney, the siding, trim, and rain caps age and deteriorate, which can lead to leakage; often the leakage around the chimney is not a roof issue, but a siding issue. Contact us for a free inspection of your sided chimney and all your exterior home needs.

Bone Dry Exteriors was a 2007 and 2008 award winner from multiple consumer rating services. We not only provide you exterior home renovations; we also form a lasting relationship for maintenance in the future.