What Shingle Sediment Can Tell You About Your Roof


How can you tell if it’s time to get a shingle roof replacement? By keeping an eye out for the warning signs. One of them is excessive granule loss.

Bone Dry Roofing, your trusted roofer, explains what shingle sediment can tell you about your roof and gutters below:

Shingle Sediment

Why Granule Loss Is Normal

It’s normal for asphalt shingles to lose granules over the course of their lifespan. Manufacturers embedded gravel into the top layer of asphalt shingles to protect them from ultraviolet rays and the elements. Occasionally, a few granules may be dislodged and washed off by rain or wind. However, they shouldn’t affect your roof’s durability. That’s because manufacturers embedded up to 40% more granules in their asphalt shingles to make sure minor granule loss doesn’t leave your roof vulnerable to UV damage.

When Should You Be Worried About Granule Loss?

When bald patches start appearing on your roof or shingle sediment starts accumulating in your gutters, that’s when you should begin to keep an eye on your roof. As your shingle roof ages, the granules’ adhesion to the top layer weakens, resulting in extensive granule loss that leads to the said warning signs. Without these UV-resistant granules, it’s only a matter of time until leaks or cracks start to form on your roof.

Important note: make sure to remove granules from the gutters, as they can prevent rainwater from draining away. It’s also important to have your gutters cleaned by a roofing contractor at least twice a year. This is to make sure your gutters—your roof’s first line of defense against the elements—is able to do its job of protecting your roof.

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