For Military Members, Military Veterans, Senior Citizens, First Responders, Teachers and Healthcare Professionals.

For single family residential homes. Cannot be combined with any other offer or used on insurance claims or prior estimates/projects.



Your roof is more than just shingles and beams; it's the shield protecting your loved ones and cherished belongings from the elements. Here at Bone Dry Roofing, we understand the weight of that responsibility. That's why we've been the trusted Franklin, IN, roofing experts for over 30 years, going above and beyond to ensure your home is safe, secure, and looking its best.

We're more than just roofers, though. We're your one-stop shop for all things home improvement. From masonry work to solar panel installations, Bone Dry Roofing can handle virtually any project, big or small.

As a family-owned and locally operated business, we're deeply rooted in the Franklin community. We understand the unique needs of our neighbors and take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship, unwavering customer service, and meticulous attention to detail.

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Bone Dry Roofing Franklin Services

Roofing and Exteriors


Bone Dry Roofing excels in providing comprehensive roofing services, including expert installations, thorough replacements, and proactive maintenance. We use the finest materials and employ skilled professionals to ensure your roof is not only functional but also enhances the aesthetic of your home.

  • Roof Inspection

    Regular roof maintenance is crucial for your home's upkeep. Bone Dry Roofing offers professional inspections to:

    1. Identify minor issues and prevent costly repairs.
    2. Assess damage after severe weather.
    3. Evaluate the roof's condition before property transactions.

    During inspections, we check for damaged shingles, flashing issues, wear and tear, moss/algae growth, and structural problems. Findings are explained, with a detailed report and tailored repair options provided, without pressure for unnecessary repairs. Protect your home and schedule your roofing inspection with Bone Dry Roofing in Franklin, IN.

  • Roof Installation

    New construction homes and room additions demand a top-notch roof, and you can trust Bone Dry Roofing’s qualified professionals for expert installation. We ensure proper ventilation, code compliance, and long-lasting materials. We handle everything, from permits to cleanup, making the process seamless. Relax and enjoy your new space, knowing Bone Dry Roofing has you covered.

  • Roof Replacement

    Roofs typically have a lifespan of 15-30 years; however, severe weather and incorrect installation can significantly reduce this. To prevent expensive errors, choose Bone Dry Roofing, the seasoned roofers in Franklin, IN.

    Our expertise in the local weather patterns and building regulations guarantees a suitable roof replacement for your residence. With options including asphalt, metal, and flat roofs, all crafted from premium materials and with exceptional skill, we're committed to matching you with an ideal roofing solution that fits your budget and aesthetic preferences.

  • Roof Repair

    The primary culprits of roof damage include severe weather, improper installation, and natural wear and tear. When repairs become necessary, Bone Dry Roofing swiftly responds to assess and precisely fix the damage. We provide emergency repairs and specialized services such as:

    • Emergency Tarping
    • Hail Damage Repair
    • Ice Damage Repair
    • Roof Leak Repair
    • Wood Rot Repair

    Whether you're dealing with a sagging roof, roof leaks, or broken shingles, Bone Dry Roofing is your go-to solution for prompt and efficient repair services, ensuring your roof is restored to its optimal condition.

  • Roof Maintenance

    Here at Bone Dry Roofing, we're passionate about keeping your Franklin, IN, home protected from the elements. That's why we offer expert roof maintenance services, designed to keep your roof strong and secure for years to come.

    During a maintenance appointment, our skilled crew will inspect your roof from top to bottom, searching for any potential weaknesses. We'll remove any debris that could trap moisture and cause damage. Any small issues we find, we'll tackle head-on with expert repairs, preventing them from becoming bigger problems later.

    By investing in regular roof maintenance with Bone Dry, you'll gain peace of mind knowing your roof is well-cared for, saving you money in the long run and keeping you dry during any storm.

  • Attic Ventilation

    Think of ventilation as the lungs of your home. Proper airflow is essential for:

    • Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality: It removes pollutants like dust, allergens, and harmful gasses.
    • Preventing Moisture Buildup: This reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth, protecting your home and your health.
    • Enhancing Energy Efficiency: Proper ventilation ensures your HVAC system runs efficiently, decreasing energy bills.

    Bone Dry Roofing can help you achieve optimal ventilation throughout your home.

Gutters & Downspouts

A complete gutter systems protects your property from water damage. Bone Dry's experts offer complete services for gutters in Franklin, IN.

  • Gutter Installation

    Protect your home from water damage with expertly installed seamless gutters in aluminum or copper. Bone Dry Roofing ensures a perfect fit and flawless function, adding value and curb appeal to your Franklin, IN, home.

  • Gutter Cleaning

    Don't let clogged gutters put your foundation at risk. Bone Dry Roofing offers thorough gutter cleaning services in Franklin, IN, to remove debris and ensure proper water drainage.

  • Gutter Guards

    Invest in peace of mind with gutter guard installation by Bone Dry Roofing. Our comprehensive solutions help prevent leaves, debris, and pests from entering your gutters, minimizing cleaning needs and protecting your investment.

  • Gutter Repair

    Facing leaky or damaged gutters? Bone Dry Roofing offers gutter repair services in Franklin, IN. Our skilled technicians address any issues efficiently, ensuring your gutters function optimally and protect your home from water damage.


Need chimney, brick, or hardscape services in Franklin, IN? Bone Dry has you covered with expert masonry services.

  • Brick Staining

    Bone Dry Roofing refreshes and revitalizes your home's exterior with professional brick staining services. We use high-quality, long-lasting stains to enhance curb appeal and protect your brick from the elements.

  • Chimney Cap Installation

    Our technicians expertly install durable and stylish chimney caps to prevent water intrusion, downdrafts, and animal nesting, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your chimney.

  • Chimney Cleaning

    Bone Dry Roofing offers thorough chimney cleaning services to remove soot, creosote, and other debris that can hinder performance and pose safety risks. We utilize advanced equipment and techniques for a safe and effective clean.

  • Chimney Inspection

    Our certified professionals conduct comprehensive chimney inspections to assess its condition, identify any potential dangers, and ensure proper functionality. We provide detailed reports with recommendations for maintenance or repairs.

  • Chimney Repair

    Bone Dry Roofing addresses any chimney issues you may face, from minor cracks and leaks to damaged liners and crowns. Our experienced technicians utilize proven methods and high-quality materials to ensure lasting repairs and optimal chimney performance.

  • Fireplace Conversion

    We offer seamless fireplace conversion services, transforming your traditional wood-burning fireplace into a convenient and efficient gas fireplace. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire without the hassle of wood-burning maintenance.

  • Hardscape Installation

    Transform your Franklin, IN, home's exterior with Bone Dry Roofing's hardscaping expertise! Hardscaping encompasses elements like patios, walkways, retaining walls, and fire pits, all constructed with durable materials like pavers and natural stone.

    Our skilled team designs and installs stunning hardscapes tailored to your vision and budget, enhancing your outdoor space's usability and aesthetics. Whether you dream of a relaxing patio for entertaining or a vibrant walkway leading to your entrance, Bone Dry Roofing can make it a reality.

  • Patio Installation

    At Bone Dry, we do more than protect your home; we make it we make it a place you love to spend time in. Our patio installation services are designed to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional area for relaxation and entertainment.

    Whether you envision a cozy retreat for quiet evenings or a lively space for hosting gatherings, our team of skilled professionals will work with you to bring your vision to life.


Your home's siding is its protective armor, safeguarding it from the elements and enhancing its curb appeal. When it's time for siding repair or installation, call on Bone Dry Roofing for expert service and a wide range of options, including:

Our siding services in Franklin include:

  • Cedar Siding : Beautiful and naturally weather-resistant, offering a classic aesthetic
  • Fiber Cement Siding : Durable and low-maintenance, mimicking the look of natural wood.
  • LP SmartSide Siding : Engineered wood siding that resists moisture, warping, and cracks.
  • Vinyl Siding : Affordable, low-maintenance, and available in various styles and colors.


Bone Dry Roofing offers a range of insulation solutions to keep your Franklin home comfortable and efficient:

  • Attic Insulation: We seal air leaks and install high-quality insulation, regulating temperature and reducing energy costs.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: We transform your damp crawl space into a conditioned zone, preventing moisture, improving comfort, and boosting energy efficiency.
  • Spray Foam Insulation: We utilize this advanced solution for targeted areas or hard-to-reach spaces, maximizing insulation efficiency and comfort.

Invest in Bone Dry Roofing’s insulation expertise and enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthier home.

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Breathe new life into your Franklin home with Bone Dry Roofing's expert painting services! A fresh coat, whether interior or exterior, works wonders to:

  • Boost Curb Appeal: Revitalize your home's exterior for a lasting first impression.
  • Enhance Interior Ambiance: Create a fresh and inviting atmosphere inside.
  • Protect Your Investment: Paint acts as a barrier against the elements, extending the lifespan of your siding and trim.

Bone Dry Roofing takes the hassle out of painting. Our experienced painters handle everything, from color consultation and preparation to flawless application, saving you valuable time and ensuring a professional finish you'll love.

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial roofs aren't your average shingles. They face unique challenges and require specialized expertise to keep your business safe and dry. That's where Bone Dry Commercial Roofing steps in.

We understand the nuances of various commercial roof systems, from the tried-and-true asphalt shingles to modern marvels like impact-resistant shingles and sophisticated membranes like EPDM, TPO, and PVC. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from commercial roof inspections to installations, repairs, and maintenance plans.

A strong roof is more than just a protective layer; it's a foundation for your business’s success. It safeguards your valuable inventory, equipment, and most importantly, your employees. With Bone Dry Commercial Roofing, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your roof is in the hands of experienced professionals, allowing you to focus on what matters most – running your business.

Commercial Roofing Inspections

Soffit & Fascia

Confused about the eaves hanging over your home? The exposed board you see is the fascia, and the hidden underside is the soffit. Both play crucial roles in protecting your roof and promoting ventilation.

At Bone Dry Roofing, we're experts in soffit and fascia care. We handle both installation and repair, ensuring these often-overlooked elements are in tip-top shape. From replacing damaged fascia boards to installing beautiful, low-maintenance soffit panels, we'll keep your roofline looking its best and functioning flawlessly.


Transform your Franklin, IN, home with Bone Dry Solar! Harnessing the sun's power offers numerous benefits like reducing your carbon footprint, cutting electricity costs, and boosting home value. Transitioning to solar has never been easier – we assess your needs, design a custom solution, and handle installation seamlessly. Invest in a brighter, cleaner future with Bone Dry Solar.

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Whether your project involves patching up minor imperfections or undertaking a complete room renovation, Bone Dry Roofing's drywall services in Franklin, IN, are tailored to fulfill your requirements with utmost precision and expertise.

Our team excels in every facet of drywall work, including installation, repair, and finishing, ensuring impeccable outcomes that elevate both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your living or working environment.

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Your roof is a shield against the elements, providing your home with comfort and security. From major leaks to minor repairs, Bone Dry Roofing has the largest fleet and most experienced crews to provide customers with prompt service and complete satisfaction. Our roofs come with a lifetime guarantee*, and we commit to revisiting your home in five years to inspect our work and resolve any issues at no cost.

We also offer dedicated commercial roofing services, ensuring that your commercial properties receive the same level of attention and quality workmanship.

*Limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and manufacturer defects.

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    Family Owned & Locally Operated Since 1989

    Most roofing contractors only last a few years. Bone Dry has been proudly serving customers for three and a half decades. We’re here when you need us.

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    Committed to Customer Service

    Success is a result of satisfied customers. Bone Dry has them in eight states, with an average rating of 4.8 stars across over 5,000 reviews.

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    Premium Partnerships Equal the Best Warranties

    Bone Dry is proud to be both an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor and a CertainTeed ShingleMaster Select Contractor.


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    Free Estimates for all Services

    Get a free, no-obligation estimate on any of our services – it’s easy to get started!



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For Military Members, Military Veterans, Senior Citizens, First Responders, Teachers and Healthcare Professionals

*Can not be combined with any other offer or prior estimates/projects. Single family residential homes only. Not valid on insurance claims.

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