Fall and Winter Home Trends


Fall is here and winter is creeping in, but the question is: Is your home ready? If you’re not sure or definitely can say no, the answer is clear: give Bone Dry a call for a free in-home insulation test to see JUST how ready your home is or can be. However, there is much more YOU can do to your home to make it feel warm and cozy….

Take a look at these Fall and Winter 2017 home trends:



Not only is velvet a current fashion trend, but also an interior design trend. Velvet can be used in furniture and accessories for your living space. Velvet is known for its expensive-vintage look, and can, therefore, be used to make your home look luxurious without the price.


This texture can be seen in accessories and furniture going into the fall and winter months. As the naturalistic and vintage styles become more popular, so do baskets, woven blankets, and crocheted pillows. Just as you wear sweaters in the fall and winter, so can your home.


Macrame can be used as a decoration in your home to make it feel more warm and cozy. Though macrame is typically just used for arts and crafts, it can definitely help play-up a room. Macrame is also considered an up-and-coming hobby in the DIY world.



Aside from being a fashion trend for years, floral decor is finally coming back! Florals can be seen in fabric on furniture, wallpapers, and decorations. This season, florals are typically paired with a solid matching color like: blush pink or even copper!



From accessories to furniture, vintage-inspired looks are taking over the home interior market. The Vintage style is a trend not only in home design but also in fashion. This style includes: distressed wood, rusted metal, lace, velvet, ect. The vintage style combines old with new in a classy-chic way.


The farmhouse trend has been up and coming for a few years and has been re-envisioned to combine modern architecture and barnhouse styles. The farmhouse style includes interior barn doors, an elongated front (or wrap around) porch, and sometimes a steep gable roof. This style also implies a country-chic like decor.


The Naturalistic style can be described as the use of plants as decoration inside your home. Though houseplants have always been a great way to brighten up your home, there is a new found emphasis on exotic plants. People are now FILLING their homes with ferns, succulents, orchids, and cacti.


In art, minimalism is described as work that shows only the essence of something through non-essential forms. In other words, minimalism as a style is decorating to its most basic elements. Minimalists decorate in a clean, simple way by combining art with function and vice-versa.

Construction Projects

Open Layout Kitchens

Another trend in interior design is the open concept. Open concept homes are known to amplify space and serve multiple functions. The most common concept is “The Great Room” which combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room. However, this year the “Open Kitchen” is trending. In contrast to the average kitchen and dining room, the open kitchen combines the two with an island in the middle to be used for cooking and/or eating. As the open concept becomes more popular, more homes are adapting to this style by fixing their kitchens first.

Ceiling Accents

Though chandeliers are not new to interior design, other things may start to direct your attention upward in homes. Many homes are now painting, adding wood beams, adding cool light fixtures, even tiling their ceilings to make a statement (sometimes all of the above). In addition to open concept design, high ceilings amplify space and can add to the creative design in your home.

Dark Wood

Though wood floors are nothing new, dark wood is becoming increasingly popular this fall and winter. Dark wood floors, doors, trim, and furniture can make a home feel warmer and more inviting when paired with the right color paint and accessories.

Color Trends

In addition to all of the things you can do to your home to renovate it, there are also a couple colors and color schemes that are trending to help your home become more modern:

-White on white (i.e. white walls, white flooring, and white furniture)

-Matte Black with Bright color accents


-Blush Pink (or millennial pink)

-Copper Metal accessories

-Monochromatic color schemes

-Dark Greens paired with dark wood

If you feel like your home needs to be renovated for the upcoming colder months, try any of these trends or call Bone Dry Roofing today for your free insulation test!




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