Timely Commercial Roof Replacement or Repair


Timely Commercial Roof Replacement or Repair

Timing is everything – in life, comedy, and roof repair or replacement. If you repair or replace your commercial roof too soon, you’ll just end up wasting money. A more likely scenario, and potentially more costly, is waiting too long to repair or replace a roof. If you are behind on a roof repair, you may end up having to replace the entire roof. If you are behind on a roof replacement, you may have to deal with damage to your entire building.

Roof Repair

Your commercial roof never takes a day off. It’s out there every hour doing its job: protecting your building from rain and moisture that could wreak havoc on your building’s structural foundation, as well as on your equipment and furnishings. Your roof won’t last forever though, so it’s important to have someone keep an eye on its condition. A professional roofing contractor can spot the following signs of roof decay:

  • Cracks on the surface
  • Curling on the materials of the roof
  • Holes or pockmarks on the roof
  • Discoloration or the presence of mold
  • Damage from a heavy object

If you catch things early, you may be able to get by with an inexpensive roof repair. And if the job is done right, the fix can last for several years.

Roof Replacement

At some point, the repairs may be too extensive to rescue the integrity of the commercial roof. Continuing to do small repairs in this instance could risk a disastrous failure of the entire system and may end up costing more in the long run. This could result in property damage and you would still need to replace the roof, so it’s better to go ahead and replace the roof right away.

Whether it’s repairs or a replacement that is needed, a professional roofing contractor can advise you of
your options for materials and costs. Bone Dry Roofing is a full-service roofing company that offers high-
quality roof repair and replacement. Contact us at 317-214-0360 for a free estimate.


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