Your 2024 Commercial Roof Maintenance Guide


Commercial roofs require inspections throughout the year. Ideally, you should have your roof inspected before and after the winter season and before and after the summer season. As well as after any severe storms. We have put together a basic maintenance checklist to show you what we look for in an inspection so you can keep an eye on your roof as well.

Examine the Interior of the Building

You can check for roof problems by checking the inside of your building first. Are there signs of water damage? Most signs of water damage point to an issue with the roof. If caught early, you can save your building from an expensive repair.

Inspect the Roof’s Surface

A roof needs to be checked for weathering and damage. Low spots with water or blistering and cracking can indicate a serious problem. If you have a gravel top roof, make sure that the layer is uniform.

Check the Flashings, Expansion Joints, and Drains

If you have skylights, then odds are you have flashing. Make sure that the flashing isn’t pulling away from the roof. Likewise, check any drains for moss or clogs.

Inspect Stairs, Railings, and Pipes

You should always make sure to check any pipes or equipment supports. The pipes should not be sagging and there should be no cracks in the support or supports that dig into the roof membrane. Also, make sure that all stairs and platforms are structurally sound. Damaged tread or surface deterioration can also be an issue.

Make Sure Signs Are Legible

Safety signs should always be present and visible. Make sure there is no water damage, debris, or any other clutter around the signs. These signs can keep the roofing contractors safe when working on your roof.

If you have had any previous repairs, it is also important to check on those periodically. Sometimes, old repairs will fail if not done properly. Commercial roof maintenance is crucial to the longevity and health of your roof.

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